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EduFocal provides over 23,000 questions and answers to help you prepare for your exam

Tutorial Videos

Friendly and helpful tutorial videos that cover the entire PEP Math Syllabus

Study Guides

Detailed study guides covering the full spectrum of grades 4 to 6 (PEP) syllabi

Worked solutions for Math

Step-by-step solutions for math questions that you get wrong (PEP & CSEC)

Play while learning and get amazing rewards

It's Fun!

Students earn "Experience Points" at each level. Just like in a video game.

Win Prizes & Earn Rewards

Students can earn cool virtual badges and even real prizes in a number of ways.

Strong, supportive community

Students enjoy competing with and encouraging each other on EduFocal.

What others have to say...

Persons in the education industry are tired of the same conventional, ineffective methods of getting information across to students. EduFocal presents a refreshing method of incorporating learning with play.

Unlike most learning platforms, EduFocal makes revising a non-monotonous and enjoyable task. Not only has preparing for exams with EduFocal's practice questions boosted my confidence but also my overall performance.

EduFocal has helped me to prepare myself for the CSEC exam in one of the most outstanding ways. I will be sitting four subjects this year in fourth form and I am way ahead in my studies. I've excelled in all four subject areas as a result of EduFocal.