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The future of learning is here

EduFocal is an innovative social learning platform that combines study with play. It's the first tool of its kind created for students at the primary and secondary level in the Caribbean.

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EduFocal is the smart, new study tool for CXC & GSAT Students It is a friendly online community where students have fun while learning. EduFocal is interactive, user-friendly, and students can earn rewards.

EduFocal is a 21st Century learning tool

Online Education Tools make it possible for students to learn in new & exciting ways. EduFocal is an online tool created specially for CXC & GSAT Students.

  • Comprehensive Questions & Answers.
    It improves the way students learn by reinforcing what is taught in class.
  • Video Game Progression.
    Study never gets boring, as there's always an incentive to keep going
  • Students can earn Cash.
    EduFocal provides test questions and answers for topics that give students trouble.
  • Content Prepared by Top Teachers.
    Students earn "Experience Points" at each level and can qualify to become Tutors
  • Students Earn Study Rewards.
    Tutors can earn cash by helping other students

Students prefer to play than to study.

The reason is simple. Play is fun! EduFocal combines the challenge and fun of play with the structure and discipline of study. The result is a tool that students will enjoy!


Traditional Approach

  • Makes Learning Fun
    EduFocal integrate the challenge and rewards of play in a study environment.
  • Easily Track your Progress
    Students gain "Experience Points" at each stage, allowing them to track their progress.
  • Win Prizes & Earn Rewards
    Students can earn rewards in a number of ways, and can even earn cash incentives from EduFocal.
  • Supportive Community
    Students study in a friendly, supportive online community.
  • Unlimited Access to the best Material
    Students get unlimited access to study material prepared by some of the best Teachers.
  • Offers little or no Interaction
    Traditional Study is often rigid, and is not seen as being "fun".
  • Difficult to Measure Progress
    Students often have no way of measuring their progress.
  • Offers No Immediate Reward
    The rewards of study are often long term. There is no instant gratification, which is important to a 21st century student.
  • Isolation for Long Periods
    Students who study in isolation don't enjoy the benefits from group interaction
  • Limited Access to Study Material
    Students often have little access to material not prepared by their own teachers. They don't benefit from new ways of teaching the same subject.
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EduFocal: Best in Class

  • Video Game Progression
  • Earn experience points and level up
  • Tutor others and redeem cash
  • Compete for the top of our leader boards
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EduFocal is packed with amazing features and rich, interactive content from many subject areas.

Through prep tests, and timed tests, EduFocal helps students reinforce the topics they learn in class. Get unlimited access to content for a low annual fee and can earn CASH and FREE membership by becoming an EduFocal tutor.

CXC Subjects:

  • Mathematics Mathematics (9)
    Statistics , Consumer Arithmetic , Measurement , Number Theory , more...
  • English Language English Language (4)
    Grammar and Mechanics , Informative Discourse , Literary Discourse , Persuasive Discourse , more...
  • Information Technology Information Technology (8)
    Fundamentals of Hardware and Software , Problem Solving and Program Design , Program Implementation , Applications and Implications of ICT , more...
  • History History (9)
    The Indigenous Peoples and the Europeans , Caribbean Economy and Slavery , Resistance and Revolt , Movements Towards Emancipation , more...

GSAT Subjects:

  • Mathematics Mathematics (6)
    Numbers , Measurement , Geometry , Statistics , more...
  • Language Arts Language Arts (5)
    Communication Skills , Study Skills , Comprehension Skills , Spelling and Vocabulary , more...
  • Science Science (12)
    Sense Organs , Weather and Climate , Simple and Complex Machines , Forces , more...
  • Social Studies Social Studies (20)
    Jamaica Its Location and Physical Features , Our Caribbean Neighbors , Planet Earth as part of the solar system , Jamaica's Counties and Parishes , more...

EduFocal is specially designed for CXC & GSAT Students to get more from their learning experience.


  • EduFocal offers modules in x Subject Areas
  • Students get unlimited access to CXC Study Material
  • Students compete for the top spot on the EduFocal LeaderBoard


  • Students benefit from friendly group interaction with their peers from other schools.
  • EduFocal helps students with subjects that give them trouble.
  • Students earn incentives by being part of the community
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  • Over 40* Subject Areas
  • Compete against your peers
  • Earn Exciting Rewards
  • Get Unlimited 24 hour Access
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What Others Are Saying

  • User

    "Persons in the education industry are tired of the same conventional, ineffective methods of getting information across to students. EduFocal presents a refreshing method of incorporating learning with play."

    Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites
    Minister of Education, Jamaica

  • Warren Cassell Jr.

    "Unlike most learning platforms, EduFocal makes revising a non-monotonous and enjoyable task. Not only has preparing for exams with EduFocal's practice questions boosted my confidence but also my overall performance."

    Warren Cassell Jr.
    Secondary student and teen entrepreneur

  • Shantol Barton

    "EduFocal has helped me to prepare myself for the CSEC exam in one of the most outstanding ways. I will be sitting four subjects this year in fourth form and I am way ahead in my studies. I've excelled in all four subject areas as a result of EduFocal."

    Shantol Barton
    Secondary student

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