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Learning Lab

The perfect solution for students in grades 4,5 and 6 who like to learn at their own pace. Get started with past paper questions and answers, worked solutions, reading content and videos.

Available on demand
Grade 4, 5, & 6 students
All year round

What to Expect

When classes aren't in session from one of our other offerings, students have the opportunity to read ahead, sharpen their skills, or get extra practice with problem topics using the resources available in our Learning Lab.

Report Card

Stay up to date with your child's progress daily! Our live report card allows you to track your child's progress every step of the way and address problem areas in our live homework center when necessary.

Points & Prizes

Students get to earn points, win amazing prizes, and compete against other PEP students across the island for a top spot on our leaderboard by completing practice questions, quizzes and tests in our Learning Lab.

Instant Messenger

Students get to communicate (live) with classmates and PEP students across the island using our instant messenger.

What's the cost? Starts at JMD $2,500

What you get? Subject-based Quizzes

What you also get? Timed Practice Tests

And a whole lot of quizzes 23,000+ Practice Questions

More of what you get! Video Tutorials, Practice Problems and Solutions

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