What is PEP?

PEP stands for Primary Exit Profile.

Why will my child do PEP?

The Ministry of Education and Youth and Information (MOEYI) has realized that over the years, the students are not developing adequate imperative critical thinking skills needed in a 21st Century society. With this new examination, the MOE will effectively be addressing claims of students’ inability to cope with matriculation from the primary school level to high school.The PEP seeks to address these issues by changing the format of the content children need to be made aware of.

What is the difference between GSAT and PEP?

Though the content generally remains the same, PEP curriculum will be providing tools that critical thinkers use to solve an issue or answer a question. Questions will be asked differently in a variety of scenarios to appeal to real world problems.

How will PEP affect my child?

PEP will challenge your child to deviate from the act of swatting, causing them to dissect a question/issue using the tools that will be provided to them in the curriculum.

What are the different assessments under PEP?

PEP consists of three key components, a Performance Task, an Ability Test and a Curriculum Based Test:

  • The Performance Task (PT) consists of real world scenarios that will require students to apply their knowledge and skills from the following subject areas: Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. The PT will be administered in grades 4, 5 and 6. It will be administered by the classroom teacher at school.
  • The Ability Test requires students to read analytically and use quantitative reasoning skills in responding to items. It will NOT be based on the curriculum.
  • The Curriculum Based Test (CBT) will assess grade 6 content only, in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. This test will consist of multiple choice items along with other item types. The CBT will be administered close to the end of Grade 6.

What do I need to know about PEP?

The PEP Examination has been developed to prepare your child to adapt to the 21st Century society as information has become an ever changing component in our lives. They will effectively learn how to tackle issues using the critical thinking and communication tools that problem solvers use today. You help is needed in order to fully prep your child and accurately guide them through this new and exciting learning process. EduFocal will be the go-to PEP Ready tool that will help you child accomplish success!